WhatsApp Served With Legal Notice Over Middle Finger Emoji


This is hilarious, though i have always found the “middle finger emoji” to be a little bit offensive; looks like the Indians are really pissed about the emoji.

WhatsApp got a legitimate notice from a Delhi-based advocate in light of Tuesday over the “middle finger” emoticon on its platform. The legal advisor has requested that WhatsApp expel the said emoticon in under 15 days from the messaging application, and that he will document common or criminal arguments against the organization on the off chance that it isn’t expelled. He says the center finger emoticon on WhatsApp is a profane and licentious signal – which is an offense in India.¬†Looks like WhatsApp are going to take down the middle finger emoji.whatsapp emoji

In the notice, the advocate stated: “…showing the middle finger isn’t just hostile however a profoundly combative, intrusive, disgusting, lascivious motion.”

“By offering to utilize middle finger emoticon in your application, you (WhatsApp) are specifically abetting the utilization of hostile, indecent, foul motion,” the notice said.

“According to the Indian Penal Code Sections 354 and 509, it is an offense to indicate revolting, indecent, hostile motions to females. Utilization of a lecherous, hostile, disgusting motion by anybody is thus unlawful likewise as previously mentioned. According to segment 6 of the Criminal Justice (Public Order) Act, 1994 appearing of the center finger is likewise an offense in Ireland,” Gurmeet Singh expressed in his notice.

Emoticon is a little advanced picture or symbol used to express a thought or feeling.

In this manner, it is asked for that the middle finger emoticon or character or photograph must be expelled from WhatsApp inside 15 days from the date of the present lawful notice, it said. If the request is not complied with, Singh threatened to file civil or criminal cases.

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