Thinking About Games To Purchase or Download on Your PC? Best Pc Games.

Most times you get confused about what kind of game to download, the system requirements of the game and if it will work on your system or not.

We’ve rounded up our favorite and most-used apps and utilities for the technology we use every day.


The best test for whether your computer is up to task for PC gaming, and a way to relieve stress after a long day of work and to also keep you company while you wait for the new Harry Potter RPG game coming out in the year 2018. Destiny 2 is a lot easier to get into than its predecessor. There’s less play time required to actually be good at the game and the game is also story-rich and well animated. The game also keeps a modicum of realism too: if you fall off the side of a building, you die (and then get resurrected.) You can work with fellow Guardians to destroy aliens and retake Earth, while upgrading weapons and gear.


This one’s the hands-down winner of the list if you love RPGs featuring healthy relationships. As Dadsona, you play a single dad who is just taking care of his teenage daughter and meeting other single dads in the neighborhood. The game feels like it has infinite endings with seven different, colorfully dressed dads and small tidbits of dialogue that each man says or refrains from saying depending on the choices you make. Dream Daddy sometimes veers into therapeutic self-reflection and other times into troll hilarity.

Available on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux on Steam.


Resident Evil 7 has a humble and slow beginning reminiscent of an indie game. You return home after receiving a mysterious call from your wife and you investigate the house for clues, turning things over in your hands and quietly exploring. Then things take a sinister turn, as frightful creatures hide in the darkest corners of what was once your house but is now a labyrinth of zombies, decay, and puzzles. It’s a good game to play.

Available on Windows on Steam.


This game has been around since 2009, but because it’s patched so frequently, it still feels like new. In 2017, League of Legends saw a huge revamp, which removed the old rune and mastery system for a more intuitive and simple design, and added honor levels. New champions are also added to the game every few weeks, so people who don’t log in for a bit will have a hard time adjusting and recognizing everything. The effect has been a considerable reduction in toxic players flaming others for their mistakes. Players still want to flame, but they’re tempered by the desire to reach a higher honor level and they act passive-aggressive instead of descending into outright insults.


Far cry 3 is an action adventure first person shooter game developed and published by Ubisoft. In a tropical island between India and Pacific ocean pirates have kidnapped some of Jason’s friends. He has to save them and leave no stone unturned. If you are looking for an adventure, this is the game for you.

download from oceanofgames.


Call of duty modern warfare 3, Assassin Creed blackflag, Farcry 2, Just Cause 3, Assassin Creed Liberty e.t.c.