How To Fix The Error Of “No Permission To Delete File” On Your Smartphone

I believe that some of you guys can relate to this error message “no permission to delete file”… It can be really annoying and frustrating, I was a victim of this error message few years back and i almost reset the entire phone.

This error message keeps popping up each time you try to delete the file/folder because it has been set to “read only”. Sometimes you might have deleted an app but it will keep reappearing due to the permission (read only) it was automatically set on. The good news is that we have a permanent solution to fix this issue.

How to fix “No Permission to delete file” on Android device

1. DOWNLOAD: Root Folder Android App – Free Version

2. Tap on Mount R/W and immediately, it will change to Mount R/O and you should see Mount R/W beside it.

3. Now locate the stubborn file and delete it. You can also scroll down to Storage Folder and you would see SDcard0 and SDcard1, where SDcard1 is your inbuilt storage and SDcard0 is your external storage.

Complete the steps above and be free from the super-annoying error message that has been preventing you from deleting that particular file/folder. Don’t forget to share.

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