Travelling with kids can be frutstrating. Best apps to keep them in check

Ever been on a journey with a few noisy kids in d back seat? Traveling with kids can be difficult when they get bored and start throwing tantrums. When you’re with kids you need to plan entertainment, Something to keep them company. A flight from Lagos to Abuja which is about 45mins can feel like 3 hours without proper planning, a tablet or phone loaded with your child’s favorite apps can help keep them happy and entertained.


We have listed our favorite apps to keep kids occupied while traveling. We also made sure the apps are available on Android & IOS and also usable offline, so you can bring them on a flight without having to worry about connecting it to the internet.

Ready Jet Go! Space Explorer

Ready Jet Go! Space Explorer is a kids’ app that lets children playfully explore the planets, stars, and constellations. The app can be played in English or in Spanish.


The app introduces sorting by color, shape, and size, visual-motor coordination, and more to toddlers. Your little ones will take to this app with ease because it has no complicated text or voice-over instructions, and the game constantly adapts to your child’s ability level, keeping him challenged but never frustrated.


Subway surfers

Like most endless runner games, there’s a common plot to Subway Surfers. You run, trying to dodge capture and obstacles, swiping up to jump or down to slide. Swiping side to side lets you switch tracks as you run.

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