Do you think 4G LTE’s 200 Mbps Is super Fast? This Telco Achieved 1.9 Gigabit-per-second!

4G LTE has been taking off for a few years now, however the common-place speed you get is reliant on your nation and transporter. For instance, nTel brags of 106.5Mbps. However, imagine a scenario where I disclosed to you that a transporter could accomplish 1.9 gigabit-per-second (Gbps.

Outstanding right?

A Finland-based mobile carrier provider, Elisa, in partnership with Huawei broke the record for the fastest speed achieved over a 4G network. The two companies were able to reach a speed of 1.9 Gigabit per second over the 4G test network.

Imagine what you can do in a minute with this speed. BBC claims you can download a Blu-ray movie in 44 seconds!

Now, back to reality!

You must note that this was carried out in a test mode, and the results won’t be replicated in real-world performance. According to an assistant editor at Total Telecom:

“Deploying a network that can support 1.9Gbps doesn’t mean customers will get 1.9Gbps mobile broadband

And why is that:

“Because that network capacity has to be shared among customers. In reality, customers are likely to experience a modest improvement in overall speed and reliability, which is great, but doesn’t make for exciting headlines the same way that 1.9 Gbps does,” he added.

For now, we can only imagine. ?