APPLE Finding the best leather case for the iPhone X

The iPhone X is a great smartphone with one, fairly large flaw: it’s delicate. Not only is its dual-sided glass design delicate, but it’s also fairly slippery. On top of that, the iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone to repair. At Apple, a screen replacement runs $279, while any other fix, including repairing the back of the phone, commands a heart-stopping $549. Purchasing AppleCare can reduce those costs dramatically, but even that isn’t cheap: two years of AppleCare is $199, plus $29 for each screen repair and $99 for other fixes. Basically, you don’t want to drop your iPhone X.

The obvious thing to do is put a case on it, one that provides protection for the delicate bits and makes it less slippery to hold. The only problem is that most cases suck. They are often chunky and clumsy or just feel terrible. The only cases I can tolerate are made from leather — they look good and are much nicer to hold than rubber or plastic cases. They also smell nice and get better looking the more you use them. (Leather snobs call this a “patina.”) There’s something about pairing organic materials with the cold metal and glass of modern technology that I’ve always loved, and leather phone cases do this well.