This tutorial is going to cover all the major steps to end most common problems encountered by smartphones all across the world.

Method 1

Clear cache and data

Clearing cache and data is one of the highly used and common way to fix the errors. We can probably clear the cache and data in three easy ways. Just follow the step involved in this method.

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2. Clearing the cache and data for all the application at once.

>> Go to Setting 
>> Go to storage 
>> click on cached data

Clearing the cache and data going to specific application.

>> Go to Setting 
>> Apps 
>> AllSelect the specific app 
>> Clear cache and data.

3. Clearing the cache and data using automatic clean-up app
(There are lots of app in Google Play Store, you can download from there. E.g Clean master)

>> Go to clean master 
>> click on Junk Files and clear the cache and data
It will automatically clean the cache of your device and help to free some space.

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Method 2


Update the app if update is available in Play Store

Sometimes, it has also found that the error is showing because the app is not being updated. Updated version of app solves this error as the update is done to fix the previous error and add new features.

>> Go to Google Play Store 
>> Go to Menu Find My apps 
>> Slide right and Go to “Installed”There you can see the apps and even the option to update (if the updates are available)

Method 3

Uninstall and reinstall the app

Due to some problem in the app, it may be showing the error message like “Unfortunately App has Stopped”. Uninstalling the app that is giving you the error message and again reinstalling the app from Google Play Store might solve this issue.

>> Go to Setting 
>> Go to Application Manager (Apps) >> All
Select the app that is showing you the error message 
>> Click on the option Uninstall the app
Go to Google Play Store 
>> Search the app and download it
Once the download is completed, install the app
You error should be fixed after this. If this also doesn’t help you then head to next method.

Method 4


Wipe Cache Partition 

This method also worked for many of the users. We just need to wipe the cache partition and we can see that the error is fixed. Just follow the step as shown below and you can fix the error.

>> First turn off the phone 
>> Press volume up and power button together to go to Recovery Mode
(It depends upon the phone that you are using to go to Recovery Mode. For some phone, pressing volume Up and Down with power button at the same time helps to go in Recovery Mode. just find out which one works for your device to enter in Recovery Mode).
>> After that Recovery Mode will appear with many options 
>> use volume up and down to
control the screen and power button to press ok.

>>Select wipe cache partition 

>>press power button and it will then start cleaning the cache.
A message will appear after the completion 

>> Select reboot system now and it will start rebooting your device.
Now your device has wiped the cache and you can use the device like previously without error. This process may erase the save data of the app like the save game, high score etc.

Method 5

Remove unwanted launcher

This option I will recommend if it isn’t your original launcher you are using bit if it, go to other options and if it isn’t stay on this one..

Due to more launcher also sometimes we face these types of error. It’s better to remove those unwanted launcher from you device so that you won’t face this type issue in future. We can use default launcher instead of those launchers.

>> Go to Setting 
>> Go to Application Manager (Apps) 
>> All…. Select the launcher 
>>Click on the option Uninstall
Also, Go to default launcher and clear the data.
>>Now reboot you device.
This method has worked for some of the users. So, it may work for you also.

Restore Factory Settings

This is method that if we were in a quadratic equation class will be called Almighty Formula. It the ultimate method to get rid of the problem but I would recommend not to reset your phone unless there is no other option. Resetting your phone will erase all the data and information, downloaded app and every other thing. If you still insist that this is the only way, you should back up your data and information, app and other thing before resetting the phone.

How To Factory Reset 

>> Go to Setting 
>> Scroll down and select Backup & reset option….Once you click Backup & reset 
>> Other option will appear….Click on Factory Data reset

Your phone will be as if you just bought it, because all the setting and stuff like that you need to set again and it will surely fix the error of your device. Share Post: