I was introduced to Mr. Seyi Lucas by the Rotimis while I was looking for a place to do my industrial attachment. When I met him, I told him I wasn’t meant to go for such according to my course but I would like to work with him so as to foster my programming knowledge.

While talking to him on that same day, he got a call from one of his clients. After the call he turned to me and said “young man, you’ve got a project to work on; Naija Guru”. Naija Guru was a game that would be used in a reality show and would be televised live. Hummm, it was a tedious and eye opening journey because I had never worked on a game project before.

When I presented my first prototype, he liked it, our client liked it, then we went further by completing other stuffs. We had to schedule a day out of the office to make the product a success and I was so happy to see political contestants (the likes of Jimi Agbaje and others) using my application on a Live show.

I usually refer to Mr. Seyi Lucas as a compiler. He stands afar and asks for the error codes that you have on the screen(…that is all he needs) and he will tell you what has happened, what you need to do and the line you need to touch. I have never seen a programmer as smart as Mr. Seyi in my life. I envy his pattern of writing codes. He wrote a whole JAVA application with notepad. He has done so much wonders with codes.

My Oga at the top, If you are reading this, I want you to know that I envy you.

Mr. Seyi Lucas now works with Huawei Technologies Limited.