He single handedly wrote his customized flavor of Linux (Wazobia Linux). He now works with Google; this makes him the first Nigerian programmer that I know who was employed and flown abroad to work as a programmer.

I have heard so many interesting things about this guy, part of what I heard about him was his ability to pick up whatsoever programming language in hours and he would write it very well, I mean very well. He likes exploring new things. I heard that he was once assigned to work on an enterprise project and he told his entire team that they would be using a language they are all entirely new to. He doesn’t really care about deadlines though he tries to meet them. All he cares about is having an application that flies.

I was working on a project (the project was not eventually used) that helps automate the travelling experience in our Airports in 2010 for FAAN. I wrote an application that validates boarding pass as seen in International airports around the world. In one of the nights I was working on this project, Essien came around and we started talking. He was so excited about the project and guess what, he got into the groove then he started breaking down how my data movement from the application to the hardware, then to the database and vice versa. It was an interesting thing hearing him talk in bytes to the very last details. This got me really thinking… This guy is just so good.