4 Months Extensive Training In Acting and Movie Making in Ikeja

MAG SCHOOL OF DRAMA was established to give the budding ACTORS a platform that they need to showcase their talents and of course train them in the ART and ACT of ACTING as well as that of MOVIE MAKING through our 4 months extensive training. The Founder Mrs Mercy AiGbe Gentry has proven herself over time as one of the leading players in the Industry; so the need for her to give back to the soc‎iety that has made her. Her taste for EXCELLENCE made her to pick the best set of Instructors both home and abroad to take the students through their 4 months programme in the school. The Courses are as follows: General Courses 1. Acting 2. Stage Management 3. Script Writing 4. Language Management 5. Music and Dance 6. Movie Making 7. Movie Analysis and criticism SPECIAL COURSES Students are to pick one of these 1. Photograph and Photo Editing 2. Makeup and Special Effect 3. Bead Making and Crafts For More enquiries Call 08092947574 or follow us on Instagram @magschoolofdrama Email: magschoolofdramang@gmail.Com