The World’s First Smart Candle Can Be Lit and Extinguished From Your Smartphone

Like it or not, every single product you use on a daily basis is slowly getting smart. First it was your cellphone, then it was your TV, then your lights, thermostat, appliances, and now even the mood-enhancing candles around your home—wait, there’s a smart candle now too?!

The LuDela is another product in a long list of smart devices that consumers really didn’t ask for. But given there are entire stores dedicated to selling candles, there are undoubtedly enough interested parties out there to help make this thing a success.

Using a technology its creators call Wi-Fire, which we’re just going to assume is regular old Wi-fi with a cute name, every LuDela candle in your home can be connected and controlled from a smartphone, not unlike Philips’ Hue smart lightning system. But instead of simulating a candle using something like a flickering LED, the LuDela uses actual fire, for genuine ambiance. Inside the larger candle shell you’ll find smaller wax refills that burn away with a real flame that can be remotely ignited and extinguished.