5 Ways You Can Get More sale While Spending Less

The key to reducing your spending is to cut back a little in every area. Start with simplifying your life. We fool ourselves by never thinking about the total annual costs of the things we spend our hard-earned money on. Spending $100 for cell phone service may not seem like much on a monthly basis, but that’s $1200 in one year!

I want you to rethink your values, particularly those related to money. Focus on what you’ve determined is really important in your life and the lives of your family members. We get so caught up in our lifestyles that we fail to realize we’re spending a great deal of our money on things that don’t even fit into our value system.

This Instructable gives you 21 tips for simplification that might work for you. Perhaps they’ll help you think of other ways that you can cut back financially, slow down, and enjoy the things that really matter. These tips will help you get started on a life-long journey of frugality.